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First CTDev Brain Game!

21 September 2016

The CTDevbattle of intellectwas organised on September, 21 between 4 teams.

The championship has united not only colleagues from one project, but also people from different departments and teams. Their names were very funny and creative. ecoPayz was represented by the team ‘New Folder (2)’ while reinsurance pool of projects under the name ‘Trolls’.The mixed teams had the following names: ‘EcoNexus’ and ‘The bottom of the Earth - it's dark’.

Within the game our smart guys had to remember the palindrome with the name of the city, guess what role was performed by Louis XIV in the ballet "Night", and find out what is Illogically considered to be ‘eastern’ by Finns while Estonians think that it’s ‘western’. All in all, there were plenty of tricky questions.  

brain game teamThe winners - the team ‘The bottom of the Earth - it's dark’ - also had to make a final task that involved selecting the code for the safe with a prize.

We congratulate our colleagues on excellent results!

winner team brain game