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Summer Fun Day

28 July 2017

"Every year CTDev Summer Fun Day is accompanied by sunny weather and wonderful mood! This year instead of blue corporate t-shirt colors we chose red, which means the day is going to be just as bright!

We were really excited about quest, that tested not only sport skills, but also team spirit:



After team building was over, we've got access to other activities: dirt race "Challenge", rope park, shooting gallery and quest "At Striga's"! But first things first.

The bravest guys decided to conquer the heights: to overcome rope nets, walk on thin cable, jump on moving logs. Some even passed track for professionals!



And someone tried to pass obstacles on the ground — and got the same amount of adrenalin! That was hard, but guys did it! Who knows if we will set off for the Bison Race soon!




Exhausted, we set off for delicious dinner and campfire singing. Drive and energy were replaced by coziness and heartfulness. :)


Hope to gather together next year and to have a wonderfull time!